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Check out the runner up entries in our very first round one challenge. Thank you for sharing your inspiring stories!

Back Injury Support

I am out of work on a back injury. My neighbor just hurt herself now too, I have been supporting and trying to help guide her back to health. It’s awful when you are hurt and can barely move. I myself am going to P/T and am trying to give her tips of regaining her movement, slow and steady, nobody can understand the pain unless you have experiences it yourself. Her son is off to college on Friday and I know she is heartbroken she may not be able to help him move in. Right now, she needs to recover. Back injury is serious and so hard to deal with.

Family loves

I have many pets and two kids. I love my lovely family so. I am grateful to be able to love them. I am unique because of my ability to get people to laugh and selfheal in their journey of life. I walk beside them and care while they need me and when my time is done I go.

I Do What I Can Do

In the last 3 months, I have published a piece about the 1918 flu epidemic (in hopes of helping people deal with the present pandemic) and have learned how to make face masks.  I’ve made and given away 30 so far.

Kindness is Free

Me walking into the store to get food, water, toothbrushes, sanitizer, clean socks undies and t shirts, and vitamins for less fortunate locals. Kindness is free. Even if it is only a word of encouragement do what you can to bring a smile to someone today.

You’re Never Fully Dressed Without A Smile.

I am a member of ARE of NY City (a 501c non profit).  It is an affiliate of The Edgar Cayce Center in Virginia Beach. If you Google Edgar Cayce you will learn he was a unique Spiritual individual. I am a member of his center over 25 years.  I am considered an Elder Statesman in NYC.  I just turned 50. The picture is me smiling. Edgar Cayce spoke often about Service, Kindness, and Gentility. He said that a smile, a kind words, a kind deed were what he called The Small Acts. I smile often and everywhere.  Edgar Cayce said that the small acts were the building blocks of the fruits of the spirit. He said they were like acorns that become The Mighty Oak. The Small Acts are very needed today. I will continue to share the small acts. I will continue to smile.

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